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Malika's Journey Part 4

Jenny went back to the center of the newly formulated circle and drew another card from the stack of names. “Malika!”

A rush of nervous energy flowed down my throat and to my stomach. I stood up and went toward Jenny. Whistling ensued and more clapping. Comforted by this, I reached for the stack of activities and drew a card.

“Stripteasing,” shouted Jenny as she glanced at the card over my shoulder. Mixed emotions swelled inside of me. On the one hand I was relieved that I wasn’t going to have to rush into an activity that was, perhaps too extreme for me, such as Emily’s one, but the other side of me was slightly disappointed too. I wanted to do something extreme. Brushing aside my juxtaposing inner voices, I reached for the stack of cards to draw again.

Someone shouted “For everyone!” It was Emily.
“Yeah! For everyone!”
“She’s new! Introduce us all to you!” More voices in agreement and lots of nodding heads.

I looked around, pleasantly embarrassed but smiling. I was sure that I was red in the face and hoped that they would mistake it from the alcohol.

Moving to the center of the room, I shouted with as much confidence as I could, “Got to give the people what they want!” Enzo turned up the music, a good bass pulsed through the room.

Slowly I started to sway my hips back and forth to the beat of the music. My eyes darted to all the men and women watching me. I knew I would have the room’s attention for the next while. The Hispanic older man put two fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle of approval. This spurned me on. I moved my feet in tune with the base, and slowly rotated my hips back and forth in a hula hoop motion, bringing up the palms of my hands to my face and hair. I could hear some of the guys talking, she’s so hot, why is this only her first time, the things I would do to her, look at those long legs...The compliments were never ending and my nerves started to disappear, replaced by a new, genuine confidence. I slid my hands over my breasts, down to my stomach and to my crotch. I could feel my nipples regain their former hardness. Slowly I slipped off my silk top and twirled it around my head as if I was a cowgirl.

More cheering and encouragement. I was getting really hot now and playfully tossed the top at Emily. More whistling as my red lacy bra and cleavage were in full view for everyone to enjoy. I kept moving in sync with the music. I was mentally recalling as many of the seductive moves I could from past strip club visits and recreating them. My hands unclasped my belt and I let it fall down around my heels. I walked to the edge of the circle, close to the guests, playfully showcasing my body up close. Some took advantage of this and I felt a few hands on my ass and my legs. I was loving this. Returning to the middle, I slowly lowered my body to the ground whilst pulsing my hips back and forth in a thrusting motion and caressing my breasts. My eyes found Alex. I was delighted that I could see a huge bulge in his pants. Scanning the room, he wasn’t the only one. Standing, I positioned myself in front of Alex and slowly unclasped the side of my short skirt. Turning so that my back faced him, I removed half the skirt off so that the guests in front of me could see the front of my panties, but Alex could only see the black material covering my ass.

Shouts of delight rocked the room. I kept dancing, rubbing the skirt against my ass, right to left, slowly raising it higher and higher so that he could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. I then swiftly hinged forward. The black couple in front of me could see my breasts hanging down, whilst Alex behind me, was being treated to a full view of my ass in lingerie.

Straightening up, still pulsing to the music, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra. Spinning around to meet Alex’s gaze, I let the fabric drop to the floor, my hands covering my hard nipples. O

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